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7 Advantages of Online Apparel Shopping

by Yashwant Kumar 11 Mar 2023

Being fashionable never goes out of style. Right from choosing the right dress to complementing it with the right accessory, fashion is a serious business. With celebrities bringing their slay game in each of their red carpet looks, fashion trends change with every new airport look.

Athleisure has been a game-changer in the gym wear industry. New trends bring with them new styles of clothing. Technology has played a major role in giving fashion industry a real boost.

E-commerce has proven to be a boon to the retail aspect of fashion. Gone are the days when people used to look at red carpet looks in awe and then get it stitched or wait for it to arrive at a local store to buy it. With online shopping, style statement is now a reality for all.

Online shopping for clothes has seen a spike in the last decade. With technological advancements and widespread internet access, shopping for clothes has become less of a task and more of a lunch-break hobby. We shed some light on why online shopping is so beneficial.

1. 24*7 Availability

Best thing about online shopping- you can do it anytime from anywhere! The time-bound restrictions are eliminated in online retail shops. Moreover, people can access e-stores from all around the world to buy things that they like rather than settle for what’s only available in the physical store.

2. Cost Effective

Digital is economical. Online stores offer clothing at a competitively lower price than a brick-and-mortar stores because additional overheads are eliminated in online shopping. Reduction of costs is a lucrative aspect to online shopping, especially for clothes.

3. Easy returns and refunds

Online retail apparel stores have revolutionized the return policies. Customers are given added benefit of retaining the items they buy online only if they are happy with their product. Returns are carried out seamlessly and refunds are issued almost instantly. Some stores also offer cashback in their store wallet to retain the customer and ensure that they shop again.

4. Try and Buy Feature

A new feature on the block is the try and buy feature. While it is cumbersome, it makes a frequent shopper happy. Customer can try the clothing item as soon as they receive them and if they are unhappy with the product, they can return it to the delivery person in charge. This improves volume of sales and customer satisfaction. It is also possible for a consumer to generate their online avatar to see how the product will look on them virtually and then make their decision.

5. Reviews and feedback

Flawless customer service can be quantified in terms of reviews online. Rave reviews from consumers can help boost sales and also act as a catalyst for other buyers to buy the same product. Consumers are also asked to submit feedback while returning what they purchased to help improve their shopping experience and better the brand. This review and feedback cycle fuels the revenue and profits cycle simultaneously.

6. Sales and Coupons

Online retailers offer exciting offers on products through coupons and free delivery. This works as a fantastic bait for unsure customers who are dicey about making the purchase. Quarterly and clearance sales are also a major factor for high online shopping volumes. Such sales are often hard to find in offline stores and that convinces consumers to shop online.

7. Reminders

One of the best advantages of online shopping is the cart reminders sent to consumers via SMS or an email. A simple reminder about the products they left in their cart ignites the need to shop in the consumer and a discarded cart is turned into revenue via just a simple alert.

Online shopping has put the millennial generation in a hypnotic hold. Shopping from the couch at 1 am in the night was once perceived as wishful thinking. Online retailers have made this dream come true and now it’s time to reap the rewards. We, at TCW Group, house all things stylish to complete your wardrobe or, better yet, give it a complete makeover!

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